Simple Sayings to Make Parenting Easier

I find myself often saying short phrases to remind my 2 year old of our expectations. Dr. William Sears suggests using short, rhyming phrases to remind children of family expectations and to avoid lecturing. Redirecting my 2 year old with the following phrases seems to be effective.

Shema means to hear & obey right away!

If you don’t obey, Imma/Abba takes away. (relating to a particular toy or activity)

When you obey, everything is okay!

Please share any short phrases you use in your family to redirect your children in the comment section.

Shavua Tov!

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2 Responses to Simple Sayings to Make Parenting Easier

  1. Mrs. Zwieg says:

    You know…I don’t remember what I used to say to the boys when they were little. I remember we had a clean up song. I never had time to write any of that down after I had to start working…their baby books are bare except for the first couple of pages.

    Now however, they get Scripture. In fact, I think I used Scripture when they were little too becuase I wanted them to learn to honor G-d in all that they did…even obeying me. There are days it feels like a losing battle, but I have confidence that they will turn out ok (with the help of Hashem) if I am persistantly pointing to the Word and not making stuff up as I go along (my mom did that).

    • I agree using scripture to back up our expectations is great! Since we say the Shema daily and all of us need to know what the word shema means, it’s great to use it daily in redirection for our children and yo remind us of what HaShem expects of us. If only I heard and obeyed HaShem’s word immediately, always, and didn’t let ME get in the way. We all have alot to learn.

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