About The Rebbetzin

Rebbetzin Murphy, M.A., LPC, has a license in professional counseling and has been a leader and counselor in the Messiah-focused Jewish faith for the last six years.   She is the mother of  a toddler and continuously strives to teach her son the tenants of the faith while learning developmental tasks and living every day life.

She has traveled to Israel and modeled Orthodox Jewish families in regards to child-rearing as well as studied chinuch in order to provide for her family and community a strong foundation of faith, healthy marriage, and parenting principles.

As the Rebbetzin of Beit Shalom synagogue, she often leads the weekly Shabbat School for the children in the community teaching foundational principles such as the Aleph-Bet, brachot, mizvot, and aspects of the Jewish holidays.

I am committed to raising my children using Attachment Parenting principles. I breast feed and make all of my son’s food fresh, organic, and kosher of course.

Some of my favorite authors are: Slovie Jungreis-Wolff, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, and Tehilla Abramov.

Rebbetzin Murphy

Rebbetzin Murphy, MA, LPC


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